7 Herb Chicken

 A menu favorite since I designed this spice blend in 1992, 7-Herb Chicken is easy to make when you use SPICELINE’s 7-Herb Seasoning Blend and my tried and true recipe. Follow it as written and the chicken will be delicious. It’s almost addictive it’s so good.  The secret isn’t just the spice blend that I created, but also the cut of the chicken and how it is prepared. It’s all on the recipe card. This chicken is tender, full of flavor, crispy on the outside and juices on the inside.

Intrigued? Get the recipe card and a sample of 7 Herb Seasoning free.* Fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

*Limit first 100 requests.

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  1. Noam Cohen-Weinberg says:

    Dear SpiceLine,
    Are all of your seasonings vegan? Thank you.
    Noam Cohen-Weinberg

    1. Eric and Sherri says:

      Some spice blends are not vegan, but most are. The few that are not may include a raw sugar.

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