The New Esty Store

Designing spice is a secondary gig for me. I do a lot of traveling and last year, was out of town for eight months. My spice business, while still operating, was put on the back burner, until now. Picking back up, we decided to make some changes. It was a tough decision to decide on an Etsy store vs doing our own webstore. Etsy recently won and we launched last week. Spices are slowly being added to the store.

Another piece of news, I renamed my steak seasoning to Bold & Brazen. I think its a much better name for the blend. It’s in the new store. I’ve also added some chefwear and the wife has added some notebooks, journals and soone, will add our eBooks and paperbacks. If you have an Etsy account, we’d love the follow.

The store is located

Thanks for checking out our store and if you have tried our spices, we’d love a review!

Thanks, Eric

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