by Chef Eric

I’ve spent most of my career creating memorable meals in restaurants, hotels, private aviation and my own catering company that I operated for eighteen years. As a chef, to keep relevant, one must continually create. One of the reasons I have been successful and enjoyed rave reviews is that my recipes layer intense flavors. One way I’ve done this is by using unique spice blends. The right blend of herbs, spices and seasonings can change a recipe from great to uber amazing.

Creating spice blends isn’t about tossing some herbs and spices together and giving them a cool name. My blends are hand-crafted and carefully prepared. I use the freshest herbs, salts and spices that I can find and then smoke, toast, dry, grind, crack, and blend into unique flavor profiles. A jar of one my blend is the only seasoning needed in a dish. It’s perfectly crafted for a big flavor payoff!

When purchasing herbs, I look for local growers who practice organic and/or pesticide/chemical fertilizer free farming practices. The spices I import from the far-reaches of our planet come from growers, many family farms, that practice safe, chemical-free farming. When I get my spices, they are picked/harvested within months so they are fresh. 

Freshness counts! Spices can stay on the shelf for years, but should they? I don’t think so and that’s why I sell my blends in small batches. Sure they are still good if they get lost in the back of the cabinet or spice drawer, but they are best used within the first year of purchase.

I’ve taken my hand crafted blends and paired them with recipes that are easy to make and enjoy.